Organizations who endorse SunAWARE

The following leading anti-skin cancer organizations endorse the SunAWARE acronym.

Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation

The Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation is a non-profit educational foundation established in 2003 to deliver a comprehensive sun safety and melanoma awareness program, free of charge, to school children in Massachusetts.

To achieve their goal, the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation developed a specific, tactical, sun safety program that is targeted at school children from pre-k through twelfth grade. This activist, in classroom approach, is called the SunAWARE program, and is based on the five proactive steps in the acronym.   More than 100,000 students have actively participated in classroom presentations and projects provided by the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation using SunAWARE

Dermatology Nurses’ Association (DNA)

The Dermatology Nurses’ Association is a professional nursing organization comprised of a diverse group of individuals committed to quality care through sharing knowledge and expertise. The core purpose of the DNA is to promote excellence in dermatologic care.

The Dermatology Nurses’ Association endorses SunAWARE and uses the advice to help educate patients about skin cancer prevention and detection.

The Melanoma Foundation of New England

The Melanoma Foundation of New England is dedicated to educating children about the need for sun-safe behavior, to increasing public awareness about the dangers of the sun, and to helping people cope with melanoma. In 2010, the Melanoma Foundation of New England and SunAWARE partnered to collaborate on developing an educational curriculum for children using  the SunAWARE acronym.

The Maryland Skin Cancer Prevention Program

The Maryland Skin Cancer Prevention Program (MSCPP), which administers the The SunGuard Man™ Program, educates the general public through the SunGuard Man Online website, appearances by the SunGuard Man mascot, the SunSafe Preschool Curriculum, and the SunGuard Your Skin elementary/middle school curriculum and annual Poster Contest. The MSCPP endorses SunAWARE and collaborates with SunAWARE on educational and research projects.


Coolibar provides sun protective clothing and products. All Coolibar clothing is carefully and consistently tested to meet the highest standards for sun protection and are rated UPF 50+ or 98% UV protection. This was the first clothing company to receive the Skin Cancer Foundation’s seal of recommendation, and the first clothing company to be recognized by the American Academy of Dermatology. Coolibar is also honored with a seal of recognition from the Melanoma International Foundation. Coolibar uses SunAWARE for customer education and is a major sponsor.


Proteksol is the European distributor of Coolibar products. Located in Switzerland, Proteksol is dedicated not only to high quality sun protection, but to providing skin cancer prevention and detection education to the general public. Proteksol uses SunAWARE for customer education and is a major sponsor.

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