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SunAWARE, a Tonka Bay, MN based, skin cancer prevention advocacy group, will host ‘SunAWARE Family Fun Day,’ a fund raising event August 27th at Panino’s in North Oaks (1:00pm-4:00pm). Proceeds from the event will be used for publication of “Connor’s Right Field Save” a book for Little League Players and their families about the five simple, universally recognized steps to prevent and detect skin cancers

Skin cancer is now considered an epidemic. Last year more than 2 million Americans were diagnosed with the disease, while 68,130 of those had melanoma, the most deadly form (American Cancer Society). While still rare in very young children, experts recommend that children as young as four begin life-long habits to check their skin, particularly their moles and freckles, and report any changes to parents or health care providers.

Dr. Jaime Davis, a graduate of the Mayo Clinic now practicing at Uptown Dermatology in Minneapolis, will be present to talk to children about the importance of taking care of their skin and to demonstrate easy ways to spot changes that should be reported to parents or health care providers. “While children can’t be expected to check their own skin, they can be taught that skin is important and that taking care of it – using sunscreen and sun protective clothing, as well as helping you keep track of moles and freckles, should be as routine as brushing teeth. If you have any concerns, an examination by a dermatologist is easy, fast, and it could save your child’s life,” said Davis.

“Routinely checking skin for changes is an important step in the SunAWARE advice,” said Mary Barrow, Executive Director of SunAWARE. “Connor’s Right Field Save” will highlight all the steps in the AWARE acronym, but most particularly the need for children of all colors to use sun protection and to tell someone if they notice that a mole has changed. Skin cancers are almost always curable if caught early.”

The SunAWARE advice is important for every segment of the population. Education programs for children, outdoor workers and teenagers (anti-tanning beds) have been established, each using the slogan: “Be Safe. Be SunAWARE.”

A- Avoid unprotected exposure to sunlight, seek shade, and never indoor tan

W-Wear sun protective clothing including a long-sleeved shirt, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses year-round

A- Apply recommended amounts of broad spectrum sunscreen with a sunburn protection factor (SPF) _>30 to all exposed skin and reapply every two hours, or as needed.

R- Routinely examine your whole body for changes in your skin and report concerns to a parent or health care provider

E-Educate your family and community about the need to be SunAWARE.

The SunAWARE advice is used by the Women’s Dermatologic Society, the Dermatology Nurses Association, The Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation, The New England Melanoma Prevention Foundation, the Maryland Skin Cancer Prevention Program and Coolibar. SunAWARE is a member of the National Council for Skin Cancer Prevention.

Contact: Mary Mills Barrow

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