Its that time of year again – springtime and proms. Teenagers and tanning beds. Tanning salons across the country are giving freebie sessions to unsuspecting teenagers who hope to look ‘perfect’ for their junior and senior high school proms. What these teen don’t know is the real payment they will make for a few hours of heightened color is the scarring, often disfiguring, and potentially deadly onset of skin cancers, particularly melanoma.

Indoor tanning before age 35 raises the risk of melanoma by 75 percent and the World Health Organization added tanning beds to its Group 1 List of cancer causing substances (the same category as cigarettes).

Please, Say NO to tanning! Teach your children to respect the color of their skin. Teach your children to acknowledge the beauty of the color of their skin. Teach your children that tans are not pretty. Tans are not healthy. Tans can kill you.

Texas has banned tanning beds for anyone under age 16-and- a-half-years old. And according to ABC News, twelve other states in the U.S. have bills pending that propose age restrictions for using commercial tanning salons. Among them: California, Illinois and New York.

The American Academy of Dermatology, the World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics and other major medical organizations around the world recommend banning the use of tanning beds for non-medical purposes. Say No to tanning!

Go to The Huffington Post to see videos and to take a poll about teens, tanning and proms. There is a lot of information about the sad affects of tanning for proms or any other time. Read it and get your teenagers to read it.

Be Safe. Be SunAWARE.

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