In previous blogs, we’ve quoted Dr. Ellen Marmur, M.D., chief of dermatologic and cosmetic surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York. Dr. Marmur is one of the most vocal supporters of the Cancer Control Act, legislation pending in Congress that would restrict tanning beds usage. However, she has also been publicly critical of  its limitations–a level of intellectual honesty we admire.

In addition to being active on promoting legislation restricting tanning beds usage, she is the author of “Simple Skin Beauty” a guide to a lifetime of beautiful skin.

What we did not know, however, is that she is a skin cancer survivor herself.

We found this tape of an interview with Dr. Marmur who discusses how skin cancer changed her life and the lives of her family. In addition to being a very fine interview, if you watch closely, you’ll notice how and when she applies sunscreen to her children.  The sunscreen goes on everywhere, including the back of the legs, and it goes on before they are allowed outdoors. That’s another lesson for all of us with small children.

Enjoy this tape.

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